Mamaku from Auckland in New Zealand is an earth-rock outfit centred around Tui Mamaki and Monsieur Escargot.

Mamaku - earth rock from New Zealand


Formerly known as The Mamaku Project they have taken sounds from around the world to extrapolate a sense of serenity with which they embalm the listener. There is a theatrical resonance to the performances which is ideally spotted within Burning Man. Mamaku proffer cohesiveness on a global scale as tracks rumble out of the speakers shaking the very foundations as they seek, like a bolt of lightening, to earth.

Resonating of traditions of ancestors Mamaku deliver a sound of the present day with their extensive use of electronics, 21st Century Tribal roots, perhaps would be a better description. Wrestling with the pretentious the music stays on the right side of the line and it is best when listening to allow the musicians to do all the thinking and as a member of the audience to revel in the mystical presentations.

Well received in previous releases, I have had the opportunity to listen to the eleven track, fifty five minute release, Twigs Of Gold, coming out on the 24th. This release takes Mamaku to a different level altogether and well worth grasping hold of when available.

Once again, thanks to Monkey Records for a fine introduction.

In my view one of the weakest tracks on the forthcoming release, but I don’t have permission to share the best of them, sadly…..


Twigs of Gold – Mamaku is available on iTunes*.

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