Malenky Slovos

Gianluigi Sem (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar), Andrea Imberciadori (Guitar / Synth), Lorenzo Eva (Electro and Acoustic Trumpet), Simone Fioravanti (Bass) and Cristian Orlandini (Drums) from La Spezia in Italy form the oscillating-rock band Malenky Slovos.

Malenky Slovos - oscillating-rock from Italy

Malenky Slovos

A catalogue of around thirty songs behind them behind them – Malenky Slovos invite the listener to step into their cobweb festooned lair with the confidence of a seasoned hostess. This is a party to head towards wearing dark hues of purple and black as the enticing wraps of melodrama enclose the audience in drying leather ties.

Synths and trumpet slide inside one another giving the output a gothic expansiveness, whilst guitar forms a silhouette which is tempered to shape by a brooding bass as the percussion keeps the music rolling onwards and from the intensity of instrumentation surfaces an imperial vocal that marks Malenky Slovos as something special.

Whilst music has impressive atmospheric appeal, the constituent lyrics are of far more corporeal context as they eviscerate: Petty minded insularity; Challenge the extremism of tradition; Rip in to concepts of geo-political posturing, gender bias and the miasma of cultural rectitude, amongst other topics.

How could I not recommend taking a moment out of your day to listen to their thoughts?


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