Makeout Point

Makeout Point is the dark-indie quintet of Alma Broman (Bass), Andreas Gustafsson (Guitar), Shiva Kazemi (Vocals), Simon Hjort (Drums) and Theo Brus (Guitar) from Stockholm in Sweden.

Makeout Point

Makeout Point

An introduction email was sent last month, my apologies for the late response to this, though with some fortune this coincides with a more recent track for me to hear along with the time to dig further in to their catalogue, which dates back just over a year, and I have discovered a direction of travel which I necessarily find myself engaged more by with each new song, each being of more gothic temperament than the last.

The most recent – Audrey (the featured track) – drips moss from the speakers as one dark guitar feeds through the room akin to a stalactite dripping from a cave roof as the other bends and echoes through the cavernous space as a shifting rhythm bass changes the shapes of sound with percussion delivering expanding and contracting compaction like a grinding ice-pack as the memorising vocal floats, as if a fleeting shadow, through the arterial system.

I apologise for the lateness of initial introduction, to some extent, though am equally delighted my administration is so poor, else I would not be in a position to say with such certainty – keep an ear out for Makeout Point in the future.

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