Magnetic Mountain

Magnetic Mountain from Darmstadt in Germany is the heavy rock quartet of Andi Kurz (Vocals), Malte Huether (Guitar), Martin Dudde (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Idris Colaker (Drums).

Magnetic Mountain - heavy rock from Germany

Magnetic Mountain

The thunderous riffs shake the walls as Magnetic Mountain deliver their high tempo straight up rock. Although driven and played with power the quartet are also able to retain control, allowing the audience to enjoy the performance as much as the volume.

Formerly known as Black Lizard their EP released under the old iteration contains more of a stoner rock feel to it and it is this earlier grounding that has enabled Magnetic Mountain to retain the melodic structures with the framework of leather jackets and frayed badges.

While containing all the ingredients of the genre, what I particularly enjoy is the way they don’t fly off into existential extended guitar and drum breaks that finds me reaching for lengthy novels to read to fill the time before the track gets back on course. Magnetic Mountain are one of those rare beasts, a heavy rock band I am more than happy to listen to over and again.

Not something to take out for a spin when planning a romantic candle-lit meal, but most certainly to sit on the play-list when you are wanting to blow away the cobwebs.

The most recent LP – the ten track Lodestone Sanctuary is a three quarters of an hour of impressive pile-driving creativity.


Lodestone Sanctuary – Magnetic Mountain is available on iTunes*.

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