Magic Tundra

Magic Tundra is the dream rock duo of Guillermo Pouso and Lucía Gomez originally from Uruguay who have just moved to Melbourne in Australia.

Magic Tundra - Dream Rock from Australia

Magic Tundra

Magic Tundra is a brand new out-fit in, what to them is, a brand new country and from their introductory email are keen to establish a collaboration in their new location. I am aware there are many readers from Australia who read the site, so if you are looking to extend a hand to a new couple to the area, particularly in Melbourne, please do take the time to reach out to them via their Facebook page.

Of more import to the more global readers, I wouldn’t have extended a public service announcement had I not thought you should spend a few moments getting to know the music of Magic Tundra. The notes are allowed to melt into the room like tempered chocolate as the duo combine instrumentation, vocals and electronics to deliver sounds which flow smoothly around the brain, relaxing the mind, allow it to drift off into a dream state.

On the basis of their very limited material I have been able to hear, I look forward to hearing much more of Magic Tundra over the coming months. With the ability to sing in both Spanish and English and the knack of turning a tune, I hope they find their feet quickly.

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  1. Magic Tundra!! I love it so much!!!

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