Magic Bones

Magic Bones from Melbourne in Australia is Dylan Thorpe (Vocals / Drums /Guitar), Kiri O’Connor (Vocals / Guitar), Richard Bowers (Guitar / Drums / Vocals) and Michael Hales (Bass) an alt rock band.

Magic Bones is an alt rock band from Australia.

Magic Bones

The music meanders across the room in a shimmer of colours as the dreamy, psychotropic nuances of Magic Bones settle on the cortex. The easy nature of the material rumbles into the soul of the listener taking over thought and heart beat in a conundrum of layers which unfurl as verisimilitude shapes formed by sounds.

Well crafted tracks deliver much to the listener as they play with the brain and when music has the power to shift and form moods, then you know you are listening to something which has a heart and soul. What is equally impressive is how they are able to define those images within what are relatively brief pieces of work not over extending their welcome.

The delightful bass / drum combination set a tempo which provide the tracks with a well formed spine, around which floating guitar is permitted to express the emotional journey, which is interspersed by vocal that fits as part of the overall compositions, rather than a core focus and all the textures come together in an extraordinarily well painted canvass that also permits the mind to travel to its own point of interest.


Magic Bones EP – Magic Bones is available on iTunes*

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