From Helsinki, Finland comes the alt indie outfit called  MADAME DE C*** comprising Benjamin G***Mikko K***, Daniel U*** and Visa D***.

MADAME DE C*** - alt indie from Finland


MADAME DE C*** deliver music which splays across the room in showers of sparks as drum and guitar flash across each other in an explosive mix full of sublimation.

Melding garage rock and studied musicianship MADAME DE C*** is able to deliver material which melts like a soldering iron and as finely tuned as an undersea welder, the quartet deliver cemented bases from which to finesse their showers of light.

Whilst I can find much to enjoy in the material, I will always feel somewhat short-changed by the band name.

I offer this as a band worthy of consideration,  I will cut the review short – you judge.


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  2. Thanks for a nice write-up. Naturally you’re free to not like the band’s name but looking at your tags there I’d just like to point out that (even if it’s fine to assume there’s a hint of it) that’s not actually what it stands for. Look up Anne-Marguerite Petit du Noyer or Félicité de Choiseul-Meuse for example. Cheers.

    • Hi Mikko

      My error on the tag, which has been changed.

      I did get an email with the background of the bands name and the next time I write an article, I will give the background of the name.

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