Mad Winter – Get Away – Video

The English indie-dance quartet Mad Winter release their début three track single Emergence on the 19th.

Mad Winter - Emergence - artwork

Mad Winter – Emergence – artwork

It is often possible to readily identify when I am typing a review on a Sunday as there often appears a band who are more towards the mainstream than is typical and Mad Winter are a case in point as they reveal the opening track on the release – Get Away.

Whilst music to breathe with, while wearing canvas soled shoes, Mad Winter are able to underscore the dance-floor number with a superlative wringing of the guitar. Although sounding nothing like – with musicians such as Mad Winter – who have much to add to the world of music as they camouflage it in lightness – I am always minded of Dexys Midnight Runners – a band theoretically I shouldn’t like, but of whom I never tire.

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