Luzon Bleeding Heart – G:A:R:R [Government Approved Rock & Roll] – Video

Luzon Bleeding Heart is an agit-electro-rock band from England.

Luzon Bleeding Heart

Luzon Bleeding Heart

Having moved to the South coast of England from the Midlands of England what was a quintet became a trio and when they are more settled, despite there being material dating back a couple of years, I will come back with a fuller review of the music as things are somewhat different now and there are only three tracks of the new iteration I have been able to hear.

By way of an introduction – the self-explanatory G:A:R:R [Government Approved Rock & Roll] sears through the room in what reminds me of the sounds of Alternative TV with the twist of a reversing spiral of analogue keys which gives the track a harsh reflective that demands the speakers are turned to full to enjoy the bleeding edges of the ride.

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