Lunacre – [Re]Cycle – Audio

The English melodic-rock quintet Lunacre release the EP Schtum tomorrow.



Within the past couple of hours the middle of the five tracks on the approximately twenty minute release was made available for broader consumption.

Lunacre are a talented group of musicians who are able to bring together a disparity  of ideas, ranging from progressive rock to free-form jazz with world music influences allowing them to deliver music that will appeal to a cross-genre and transnational audience who enjoy music with depth of texture, a sense of extemporisation and luxurious melodies.

[Re]Cycle is a song that discovers them in ethereal mood as the hazy synthetics brush gently around the ears to be joined by a pulsing bass / percussion / key combination leaving the listener thinking of a supernova in a track that describes an image from The Hubble Space Telescope.

Schtum is an EP well worth grabbing hold of on release as Lunacre takes the listener on a wide ranging journey of creative, expressive and impressive songwriting.


Schtum – EP – Lunacre is available on iTunes*.

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