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Luna Plexus is an industrial-blues quartet from England.

Luna Plexus

Luna Plexus

Not for the first time, nor likely the last, I start with an apology. The one and only track by Luna Plexus – Beast – I was alerted to at the end of April and I have only just caught up with it, of more fortune I am led to believe there is more music to follow imminently by the quartet who are beginning to find a foothold in live performance too.

Futuristic whorls open the just under four and a half minute track before the growling guitar riffs are riven asunder by throaty bass which tears through the ears, whilst threshing percussion careens between steel and skin like a warrior striding up the beach slaughtering all before it as the vocal spins around the room in various trajectories – leaving the listener frantically clawing for more of the highly addictive material or as the spoken off-stage comment has it more succinctly at the conclusion – ‘I liked that, it was really good’.

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