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The English prog-rock trio Lucifers Beard are scheduling the release of their three track single Y E T I in May.

Lucifers Beard

Lucifers Beard

I never quite caught the handle of progressive-rock, nor folks who call themselves Hipsters. Not even the wildest meanderings of Shakespeare could attempt summation of how stupid that collective noun resounds of describing wandering youngsters sporting old folks chin stubble, but with Lucifers Beard I do find coherence.

To my state of angularity the whole concept of a single named Y E T I by a band with a beard in their name and ‘on-trend hipster’ idiots just seem to coalesce into a whirlpool of collectivism, yet Black & Blue – as with the title emerges from a fight with head held high, though battle scarred.

Mewling guitar scatters from the speakers akin to cats scenting catnip before settling down in pleasured satisfaction, whilst mellifluous vocal spills into the ears as a shepherding percussion gathers up stray edges and the bass funnels the composition into coherent direction of travel.

The measured pace allows Lucifers Beard to explore every nook and cranny without leaving the listener feeling they are on a wasted journey as Black & Blue hits its mark.

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