LUCID FEVER is a new psychedelic project from England.



As a regular reader you will know many bands on initial review are in transitional stages of development and LUCID FEVER is of no exception. Created as a germ of an idea this year suddenly sprouts appeared from the beans and a début LP HandsOnHeck surfaced on the 22nd (available on bandcamp).  As of this moment the band consists of one confirmed player with a desire to add four more members to allow for live performance by the end of September.

While TRANSISTOR BLOOSE – the second of the four on HandsOnHeck takes the listener on a kaleidoscopic colour scheme of their own envisaging. The shouting capitalisation of the project name and track titles remain as a jar in the ears which is difficult to displace, which is the only discomfort to what is otherwise a delightful embryonic conceptualisation and I wish LUCID FEVER every success and look forward to coming back to them in the ensuing months – preferring of course they have become Lucid Fever or the even more appropriate lucid fever.

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