Lucian – Calm Waters – Audio

Within the past couple of hours the latest track by the US electro-thread producer Lucian surfaced – Calm Waters.

Lucian - Calm Waters


On this occasion a collaboration with Beth Duck in a track that is of more skittish nature than previous material. A blend of ’80s discotheque and ’00s scratch, yet manages to gather it skirts to flex in and out of strobe radiance, the space in which it is adept at filling.

Turn on the stage lighting and you will discover a mastery in production, in the stillness of fixed lighting it doesn’t hold the same resolution and I give Lucian credit for stretching arms more widely in this production, though I posit not a track that will be as widely accepted as prior ideas, for its very wish to challenge preconceptions.

For more of the latest tracks to surface from the studio before they have settled on their spindle – Emerging Indie Bands on Twitter is a place to be connected.

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