Love Buzzard

Love Buzzard from Leeds and Guildford in England is the garage rock duo of Kevin Lennon and Al Brown.

Love Buzzard - Garage Rock from England

Love Buzzard

Fuzziness pours out of the speakers as Love Buzzard deliver their high energy rock numbers that lift the spirits as percussion and guitar rumble out rapid fire phrases, whilst a vocal growls into the ears. The waves of energy collide with the wall before wrapping the audience into maelstrom of frenetic activity. It is hard to reconcile it is only a duo as they have the ferocity of a pack of wolves.

Whilst the compositions fester with frustration, Love Buzzard is able to harness the pulsating sounds and deliver tracks with are distinctively thematic, with track progressions that hold the flurries in reign, which is turn allows the mind to enjoy the music for its constructs as much as for its forcefulness.

Having developed their profile and stage craft with numerous live performance Love Buzzard is now set to release their début eponymous EP on the 6th December. I look forward to hearing more of the duo in short order.

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The EP is available on bandcamp.

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