Love & Thanks

Love & Thanks from Malibu in the USA is the alt-rock band of Jordan StraubelKevin EnstromDimitri SmithGreg Wenhold and Zac Fielder.

Love & Thanks - alt-rock from the USA

Love & Thanks

Newly out of the blocks Love & Thanks deliver sounds which incorporate orchestration, ’60s rock and more than a dash of panache. Whilst there is a sophistication, to the material, the quintet do provide an access point for the likes of me who think that learning a fourth chord is something you do when you change bands.

The well structured mellow sounds do not fade into the background as they have plenty to keep the wandering mind focussed. It will be interesting to see how this transfers to live performance as in their, so far, short career Love & Thanks have been concentrating on finishing a debut EP which is due out imminently. If they are able to make that transition I envisage this is a band you will hear much of over the coming years.

Combining the retrospective with the current Love & Thanks have developed a space for themselves which sits well in the current scene and their combinations of haunting piano and stadium guitars enable the band to fill the room with luscious textures. A little too grown up for my everyday playlist, I have no hesitation in adding this to the ‘evening at home with friends just chilling out’ selection.

I wish them all the best with their career and look forward to hearing the debut EP.


Summer’s End – Single – Love & Thanks is available on iTunes*

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