Los And The Deadlines

Los And The Deadlines an alt-rock band based in London, England, is Alex LoSardo (Vocals / Guitar), Niels Bakx (Guitar), Agostino Collura (Bass) and Alberto Voglino (Drums).

Loss And The Deadlines - alt-rock from England

Loss And The Deadlines – image © www.RealGigReel.com

Mixing elements of the disparate cultural backgrounds and musical influences Los And The Deadlines deliver a rock rooted sound with lyrics reflecting on everyday life which add a sardonic nature to the sounds.

Forming back in 2010 the line-up has undergone changes to the bass and percussion which has led to an evolution of the sound from earlier material. There remain elements of maths-rock and jazz derivatives, which are driven by a steely bass / drum combination that keeps the music driving forwards. To accommodate the evolution of the sounds a five track EP Part One: Bank was recently released, which, you will have guessed it to be followed up in due course with part two.

Los And The Deadlines, with their iconic style, do seek to challenge the listener, however, accepting the questions is a worthwhile exercise. The latest release spreads the sounds far and wide, enabling listeners to find something of attention within the material and once you have found your own personal hook the rest of Part One: Bank makes perfect sense.

A touch too grown-up for me to add to the everyday playlist, this suits well on more thoughtful days.


Pt. 1: Bank – EP – Los and The Deadlines is available on iTunes*.

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