Lola King And The Kickstarts

Lola King And The Kickstarts an indie-pop band based in London, England, is Lola King (Vocals), Dan King (Guitars), Shaun Lee (Drums) and Chris Curtis (Bass).

Lola King and The Kickstarts - indie pop from England

Lola King and The Kickstarts

A delightfully whimsical vocal and bouncing notes playfully tumble in to the room like a puppy trying to coordinate its legs, incredibly endearing and entertaining. That isn’t to say it is overly fluffy as the music produced by Lola King And The Kickstarts demands intrinsic finger-work to allow the frolicking nature of the sounds to be maintained.  I am reminded to a great extent of The YuYa, a perennial favourite on the site and with the release of the double A side single on Blue Vinyl – well what more could I ask for.

The combination of the instruments and vocal which play one off against the other creating a jazz reggae configuration tied together with a percussion that holds it all in context. There is much to enjoy and Lola King And The Kickstarts have much to add to the world of music and their future development will be of interest.


Bounce Together / This Is Not a Love Song – Single – Lola King & The Kickstarts is available on iTunes*

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