Lois – You Know She Does Me Wrong – Audio

The English brit-blues quartet Lois will release of their second LP, Guns Of The Governor on the 11th of November.



Akin to the flow of the music, they are in no great rush to reveal recorded material, Guns Of The Governor being the follow-up album to the 2014 release The Polperro Horse Bus Company. The quartet make-up for the infrequency of studio time with their live performance schedule which has seen them establish a strong following.

The dozen track, roughly forty eight minutes, LP is replete with many gems as Lois deliver their luxuriantly textured, slowly revolving compositions. There is a natural and endearing timbre to the output which ensures that even for those who have never come across their music previously, within moments, Lois feels like old friends the listener hasn’t heard from in a while.

The retrospective album – a sparsely overdubbed 8-track recording, thereby enhancing the warmth of the analogue keyboard, how could I not make a recommendation –  is best enjoyed with a hoppy ale to hand to slowly sup and savour.

My pick of the release, having waxed-lyrical on the calm flow of the music is, unsurprisingly to longer stay readers, of course neither mellow nor slowly paced being the jive inviting seventh track You Know She Does Me Wrong which takes the listener to the ’60s Cavern Club.


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