Lock Up Laura

Kareem Mafouz (Drums), Sam Buckthop (Guitar / Vocals), Liam Giles (Bass), Aaron Hall (Guitar) and Lee McCusker (Lead Vocals) from Lincoln in England combine to form the rock band Lock Up Laura.

Lock Up Laura - rock from England

Lock Up Laura

Where I am sure there was a temptation to play hell-for-leather, Lock Up Laura have held tight reigns to the out-put to the benefit of the audience as the music is given time and space to blossom to its full potential, with measured pieces of  finely structured rock. Whilst the quintet have focused on content rather than volume and pace, that doesn’t mean anything has been lost in the translation, the reverse in fact, as through the more measured delivery the listener is able to appreciate the craftsmanship in the creativity.

Each section of the Lock Up Laura forms an integral part of the whole with nothing seeming superfluous. Formed at the end of 2011, the band have developed a strong following and with their second LP – Masquerade set for recording later this year, one would expect their audience to grow exponentially and it will be interesting to see if they are able to capitalise on the opportunity.

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Running in the Dark – Lock Up Laura is available on iTunes*.

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