Locas is the garage rock duo of Andy (Guitar / Vocals) and Eddie (Drums) from Los Angeles in the USA.

Locas - Garage rock from The USA


The distortion causes the speakers to hesitate and retest the sound before it jumbles into the room as Locas deliver their take on the world. Newly out of the blocks there is much to enjoy with a six track EP having already appeared.

Inside the tangled compositions lay some well focused and written hooks that grab hold of the listener as Locas unleash music that resonates of the here and now with its polarities. The highly energetic percussion more than makes up for the lack of bass, though as you know the four string is the instrument to which my ears naturally gravitate.

In what is the appropriately named – Locas Demonstration – the duo cover many themes and tempos, as would be anticipated from such an early release, in what is just less than twenty minutes of nerve jangling sounds.

Whilst it works fine on recording and I am delighted they have made the music available to a wider audience, Locas is probably best to catch live as the energetic freneticism would have a more contextual setting. But for those of us who don’t live in the Los Angeles area it provides a fine dose of listening.

I look forward to hearing more over the coming months and wish Locas all the best.

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