Little Sluggers

Little Sluggers is Jason D. Borntreger (Guitar / Vocals) and Jake Faber (Drums / Vocals) a garage rock duo from Tallahassee in the USA.

Little Sluggers - Garage Rock from the USA

Little Sluggers

Despite, or maybe because of, not taking themselves too seriously hurtling across the room comes some easy to navigate music that hits the spot track after track. Little Sluggers have been around for about eighteen months now and haven’t sought to change their lo-fi production in the two EPs so far released and I hope it remains that way.

The duo are able to deliver music which whilst sparse in construct more than makes up for it in heartfelt enthusiasm as they grab hold of the listeners and feed them with catchy hooks inside traditional lyrics. There are myriads of bands around the world who play with a variation on this theme and it is always a pleasure to find a local act which but for the breaks of life would establish a wider audience.

I wish Little Sluggers every success with their time in the music business and with fortune, they will find a far broader audience than so far achieved. They stand as a great example to similar bands who get a real kick out creating music, as despite it all, they continue to play regularly as a live act and making their songs available on recording.


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