Little Bastard

Little Bastard a seven piece roguish country rock band from Sydney in Australia is Matt MasonRoss TipperJohnny TookEd RoweDaniel D’arcyTrevor Davies and Liam Hoskins.

Little Bastard - country rock from Australia

Little Bastard

Mid-west America couldn’t come up with anything more Americana country blues than Little Bastard. Essentially a live performance act, though how the seven of them fit on the stage I am not quite sure, but there is plenty to enjoy by listening to recorded pieces. Every conceivable instrument from fiddle to harmonica appears at some stage or another and it is all delivered with an infectious sense of fun that the audience can’t help but get tapping along to.

Inside the framework of the upright mid-west, Little Bastard inject some Australian nonchalance and the resulting compositions skitter across the room on the verge of a breakdown, but it is all kept in order and the exuberant sounds continue to rattle round the head long after the music has stopped.

Gaining considerable visibility around Australia on the festival circuit, this is an out-fit who need to bring their rays of sunshine to an international live audience as this is music that works just anywhere.

Turn up the volume and enjoy a rollicking good party with Little Bastard.


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  1. I was gonna listen to the clip to see if I would buy the cd but seeing it is private so is my money I may have paid.

  2. Love these dudes. We did a RAD interview with them over at Happy!

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