Liquid Rainbow

Stefano Contini (Bass / Production), Francesco Allegro (Vocals / Keyboards) and Roberto Beretta (Guitars) form the electro-dub band Liquid Rainbow from Milan in Italy.

Liquid Rainbow - electro-dub from Italy

Liquid Rainbow

Liquid Rainbow create mesmerically entrancing music which deploys electronic and acoustic guitar and keys along with a plethora of other instrumentation and electronically generated washes of sound that finds the listener immersed in tracks they have no wish to end.

Inferences of reggae, psychedelia and ambient hip-hop drift like spirals of smoke around the room. Nothing is hurried, yet with the array of ideas deployed there is a munificence of activity occurring, without it ever becoming a confusion and the synapses open up regions of the brain, for gentle stimulation, long dormant.

With a back-catalogue dating to 2011, my only sadness is that we have not crossed paths previously, though looking on the bright side there are six LPs to fill out the day and I would recommend spending time in the company of Liquid Rainbow.

If pressed for time and a spot to start that journey, their latest album Landscapes & Treasures which came out a couple of months ago is a good place to spend just over an hour of luxuriant fractal brain massage.

As some of you will know I generally write reviews with a nine year old Pekingese laying next to me passing his own thoughts on the music and with Dreams From An Alternative Future (the track featured), which in itself is part Eulogy to Liquid Rainbows’ mascot – a dog named Geppa, who has used to sit with them in the studio, until she died, Gnotti found a companion voice to chat with.

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Landscapes and Treasures – Liquid Rainbow is available on iTunes.*

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