L!MBO from Athens in Greece is the electro-rock band of Anthony (Guitar / Vocals), GDaddie (Samples / Synths), Nais (Bass) and Purr (Drums).

L!MBO - electro-rock from Greece


The ambient psychedelia of L!MBO wefts its way around the room in undulations of echoing chambers of music. The electronics give the music both a continuity and fluidity to the sounds, they are also able to direct the compositions to more spacious projections, though are not allowed to dominate the tracks.

The core elements surround rock derived formations which dip into influences by the likes of The Velvet Underground and Brit-rock of the ’90s affording L!MBO  the opportunity to arrive at a sonically intoxicating space. The compositions keep the ear finely tuned to the nuances which keeps the audience captivated by the surprising twists and turns along the way.

Formed back in 2010 the music of L!MBO has evolved over time to remain constantly cognisant of the currency of the world, with the latest pieces having a darker more foreboding feel. I am hoping there is an EP in the wings to update the sounds for those of us not able to get to see them live.

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