Limbo from Chaves in Portugal is the alt-rock quintet of Marcos Barroco (Vocals), Cardus (Guitar), Bruno Barroso (Guitar), Litos (Bass) and Tiago Ventura (Drums).



Fulminating pent-up rage bubbles across the floor like acid eating into metal as Limbo cast a scant eye around the world. Yet the frustrations are held in check to deliver compositions which rely on melodic construct to deliver their acerbic perspectives and it is the juxtaposition of the two, which gives the material an understated mannerism, that marks the quintet out for consideration.

The bass / percussion combinations speak of the frustrations and sit in tandem with the vocal, whilst the guitars are given time and space to add the colour palette to the sounds and the end result are sounds that are able to carry the tracks, which typically extend well over four minutes, keeping the audience engaged with the progress.

Originally a six piece, one of the guitarists left recently and it will be interesting to see if Limbo is able to continue to generate their expansive textures of guitars with only the two.


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