Like Thieves

Like Thieves a Prog rock band from Brisbane in  Australia is the quartet of Clint Boge (Vocals), Oden Johansson (Guitar), Clint Gough (Bass) and Daniel Trickett (Drums).

Like Thieves - progressive rock from Australia

Like Thieves

Sweeping sounds soar across the room as Like Thieves find their stride in a sound that fits between heavy rock and classic rock ‘n’ roll. Their music had me thinking of high flying birds of prey which have an impressive appearance, view of the landscape and immense power, so with the quartet, there is a serenity that flows through the room which is underscored by thumping bass / percussion and accompanied by immense guitars with a vocal providing the fulcrum.

Whilst on recording Like Thieves have an all-encompassing sound which holds the attention, they are a band who work hard on the live circuit and perhaps given  the nature of the material a full stage presence would provide an even better experience. The combinations of melodic orchestrations with hard hitting metal enable the outfit to deliver music which contains both mystery and drama.

A debut release The Wolves at Winter’s Edge (which is available on iTunes*) is, I hope, only the beginning of their recorded material which will be available to a broader audience as their creations undoubtedly have wide International appeal.


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