Leroy Francis – Carry Me – Single Review

The Australian garage-rocker Leroy Francis released the début single Carry Me on the 8th.

Leroy Francis - Carry Me - artwork

Leroy Francis – Carry Me – artwork

Mewling out of the speakers like a scalded-cat the blurry guitar is chased by a fiery drum-kit which batters the walls with pock-marks as the muzzled vocal spins though the ears. The extended notes held by the voice gives the impression of a track that is being played on a record player with a slipping belt-drive with, delighteldy, the song (which only lasts for two and one quarter minutes) resets the timing mechanism mid-way through.

Other than play Carry Me loudly my only thought is – when is the next track going to be released?

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Carry Me – Leroy Francis is available on iTunes.*

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