Léo Elso

Léo Elso from France, now based in London, England, is a composer of what I will classify as Alternative music.

Léo Elso - French alternative musician

Léo Elso: Photo by Céline

It is when I have the opportunity to listen to music from creators such as Léo Elso that I am reminded exactly why I set the sites up originally, this is so far under the radar that it makes a Stealth bomber look like a bold bright flashing light on a radar detection screen.

Baroque, theatrical scores, space pop and dance all go into the melting pot of creativity and like a skilled gold jewellery maker, a filigree of sound emerges. It has taken me since March to get back to the original email, my apologies to both Léo and the readers for missing a real gem.

To select one track is to attempt to submerge helium filled oil covered balloons in a bath of water so rather than write more, here are three selections from three different releases.


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