leaving richmond

leaving richmond is chill-wave combining electronics and instruments centred around Jordan Pier from Los Angeles in The USA.

leaving richmond - chill-wave from The USA

leaving richmond

The music of leaving richmond weaves into the room gradually filling up the empty spaces. There is something 80’s synth about it but it has all been shifted to a noticeably different dimension with the more complex melodies that can now be fused together. Through combining long loops of sound that are given time to expand, leaving richmond is able to create generous landscapes to fill with instrumentation and harmonics.

Whilst many who explore this style of music conclude with metronomic beats; By allowing the music more room to cover, both dynamically and sonically, leaving richmond is able to deliver sounds which have a more heady pace and range than would typically be anticipated. Whilst the songs are not overly long, given their breadth the audience is left feeling they have travelled far inside each piece.

As with most music of the genre, the more you hear the more it inveigles itself into the head and because of the broad sweeps of sound the brain is encouraged to relax and wander the themes with leaving richmond, leaving the listener with a roving imagination long after the last notes have fallen silent.

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