Leap Of Faith – Welcome Home – Single Review

The English heavy-metal trio Leap Of Faith revealed the track Welcome Home within the past few minutes.

Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith

Pull on a leather jacket and yank up the volume buttons as far as they will go to head-bang with Welcome Home which unfurls the sounds of uncomplicated ’80s rock, reminding of Motörhead and AC/DC with its basal pleasure zones.

Leap Of Faith don’t aim to complicate an uncomplicated musical style, rather add their own brush strokes to the mewling guitar, pulsating percussion and throbbing bass which is adroitly accomplished by the distinctive vocal that shatters through the speakers in their compressed spring coils of the style.

Word has it that the trio spent some time in the studio recently and I look forward to hearing more of their recordings which I will share with you as I am able.

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