Leap Of Faith – Goes Around – Audio

Leap of Faith, an English heavy-metal trio were introduced in November of last year and have now disbanded.

Leap Of Faith - Goes Around

Leap Of Faith

Those who have stuck with the site for any length of time will know that by dint of the nature of the rationale for its existence more than 50% of bands and musical entities featured will have disappeared within six months of coming in to existence and within two years over 90% are long gone, with fond remembrances scribed herein.

This site exists to expose music of the moment that has value to add to the world, with no interest on whether some mainstream media placement takes interest, or if it is – ‘the next big thing of the moment’ – merely offering you the best independent musicians here today even if they are gone tomorrow.

Of more sunlit thought many of the individual players do come back in different guises and it is with some degree of certainty I can assure that is the case in Leap Of Faith.

Their farewell track Goes Around was equally sent with a – we will be back in different forms – email and I look forward to hearing of the new iterations.

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