Lazybones – Snake – Single Review

The English garage-rock trio Lazybones will be releasing the single Snake on the 8th.



A track which akin to its own title undergoes an ecdysis during its journey with an unanticipated wurlitzer organ surfacing towards the latter end of the song, enabling Lazybones to deliver a composition of both fractious sentiment whilst simultaneously of translucent colour.

The listener finds themselves engrossed both in the distortion of furious guitar, clawing percussion and snarling vocal whilst equally by the eloquence of the transmutation.

Those who know the site well will be aware that at any stage anything is introduced as garage-rock – necessarily the speakers need to be bouncing on their own pivots when listening to the music. If you don’t want to play music loudly on a full speaker system – probably best to stick with mainstream radio pop or to engage with mixtapes of Spotify playlists through an MP3 device – music which is never found on this site and like pretty much all of what is ever featured here – if your preference is merely for that sort of wallpaper music – this won’t suit your ears – with my best advice being – this also is not the right site for you.

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