Lawrence Bray

Lawrence Bray from Ampthill in England is a rock musician who those of longer eyes will recognise.

Lawrence Bray - rock from England

Lawrence Bray

Infusions of Brit-pop are melded with 60’s guitar driven rock with fastidious eye to detail. However don’t feel that this is a prescriptive remedy as the core of the sounds reflect of a life of incorporeal contextualism and the audience is left with a living being.

Those of older readership will recognise the Lawrence from ScenicLife with his distinctive vocal and surprisingly as a solo artist the sound is far stronger and less packaged as he allows himself to the space to explore the extremities of self extrapolation without it ever becoming a nascent sound as the few tracks that I have been able to hear are fully formed.

On live acoustic performance there is an implied vulnerability, on the other hand a three track studio release – BEST SERVED LOUD – finds a confidence which is nothing but a delight.

How this can be transposed to Stage, time will tell, but it will make for an intriguing transition. For a track I list inside my personal favourites of the year thus far Not Backing Down and I look forward to this being replicated in live performance.


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