Lavola is Julian Cires ( Vocals / Guitar), Emily Dwyer (Violin / Vocals), Paul DeFilippis (Bass) and Matt Cabrera (Drums) an alt-rock band from Orlando in The USA.

Lavola - Alt-rock from The USA


The addition of the Violin provides Lavola the room to explore, a range of new sounds and effects, giving them a distinct sound and style. The music soaks the room in mist, whilst a despairing lyric sears through the music like a burning lighter to flesh.

With the opportunities to hand Lavola take advantage of the variances to allow the instruments to scope out the landscape of tracks. Affording them the chance to explore compositions which provide an illustrative accompaniment to the story-line, without it ever reeling out of control.

Undoubtedly skilled composers and musicians, there is an almost symphonic artistry to some of the pieces, yet it remains immediately accessible to fans of alt-rock and it is of little surprise that they are well received on the touring circuit, with audiences becoming committed followers.

Sadly, as with all the strongest and most creative music, the mainstream rarely give it the airplay it undoubtedly deserves, which is a great pity as Lavola deserve a far wider audience.

A recent release, the eight track This Book Is My Cowardice (which is available on iTunes*) is a great starting point to get to know the Lavola.

website (music starts immediately)

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