Latimer House

Latimer House based in Prague in the Czech Republic is an indie-rock outfit comprising Joe Cook (Guitar / Vocals), Anar Yusufov (Keyboard / Vocals), Mike Jetton (Bass) and George Kominek (drums).

Latimer House - indie rock from the Czech Republic

Latimer House

An immediate lifting of the mood is palpable as Latimer House swirl around the room with their lightly textured sounds. The quirky material reminds me of the many reasons to be cheerful as the quartet deliver highly effective unpretentious music that can’t help but raise a smile.

Combining influences both geographically and time-wise, Latimer House, whose players come from England, The USA, Canada and Azerbaijan enables them to provide sounds which transcend specific boundaries. Whilst the music is fleet of foot, the lyrics are of darker subjects and this combination enables the listener to gain much from the experience of sharing their company. The tracks are straight recordings with no fancy production techniques, which gives them a warming texture and enables those who don’t have the opportunity to see them live, feel that the music is a personal delivery, not a dispassionate mix of digital techniques.

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