Language Of Shapes

Language Of Shapes based in Gangneung – South Korea is the psych-folk quartet of Tristram Burden (Vocals / Mandolin / Mandola / Octave Mandolin / Bouzouki / Guitar / French Horn),  J.E. Seuk (Vocals / Mandolin / Mandola / Flute),  Courtland Miles (Bass) and Bobby Goldberg (Djembe).

Language Of Shapes - Psych-folk from South Korea

Language Of Shapes

Languages Of Shapes combine East, West, North and South to deliver sounds which fluently meld together in harmonic congruence which captivates the listener. The combinations of instruments gives the music an internationalism which passes through geo-political borders as the quartet provide the audience with a singularity of sound that is somehow equally instantly recognisable.

The slightly mournful reflections of Language Of Shapes allows the music to thread its way into the mind and soul as the intractable compositions leave as many questions as providing answers, which gives the sounds an even deeper mysticism.

Strings and percussion float spectrally around the head, whilst vocal blends a psychedelic temperature to the folk rock derived instrumentation. The quartet fuse the traditional with the modern to provide music which grows better the longer played.

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Their eponymous LP is available on bandcamp.

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