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The Canadian instrumental-rock duo Landing On The Sun released their eponymous LP on the 19th.

Landing On The Sun

Landing On The Sun

Lasting at just under fifty five minutes the thirteen track album (available on bandcamp) is a soundtrack to settle down with in one session as the tracks seamlessly thread one into the other delivering a wide expanse of ideas.

The persistent percussion ensures each number has a destination to travel and harnesses any temptation Eric Hutton or Billy Haner may have had of gliding off like an albatross exploring the oceans and away from the central themes. Even though individual tracks predominately extend beyond the four minute mark the listener is not left sensing they are listening to self-indulgence, rather compositions which stand on their own merit with little extraneous fat being carried.

Predominately guitar based, synths do from time to time make their presence felt and my pick of the release – the sixth – Fringe is one that is enhanced by electronica.


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