Lagori is an alt-rock band from Bangalore in India comprising Tejas Shankar (Vocals), Geeth Vaz (Electric / Acoustic Guitar),  Edward Rasquinha (Acoustic Guitar), Shalini Mohan (Bass) and Vinyl Kumar (Drums / Shakers / Cajon).

Lagori - Alt-rock from India


Taking influences from various regions across India and western rock, whilst singing in Hindi Lagori, provides the audience with a delightful resulting out-put which for it’s very inclusiveness has an international flavour that resonates with audiences regardless of language comprehension.

The gently filtered tracks are from time to time interspersed by the presence of metal focussed pieces, which roar out of the speakers. For fans of world music Lagori make a space which makes genuine sense as it offers an extending hand regardless of location. The quintet all take time to provide backing vocals, which gives the music considerable vocal dexterity and the combinations of acoustic and electric guitars sitting alongside traditional percussion adds a further texture of interest.

Although combining such disparate influences, the resulting compositions do not come across as hashes of nothingness, rather hint at familiarity and simultaneously new sounds, allowing the audience to enjoy the freshness and open welcome being offered to the ears.


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