La-Ventura, a rock band from Goes in The Netherlands is Carla van Huizen (Vocals), Mike Saffrie (Bass), Sascha Kondic ( Guitar) and Renzo van Poecke (Drums).

La-Ventura - Rock from The Netherlands


Voluptuous guitars soar across the room as La-Ventura add a heavy emphasis on melody to metal derived compositions. The out-fit has undergone significant change over the recent past and they have spent considerable time in creating a studio release, the ten track LP White Crow.

The music has a well structured sound to it, with instrumentation and vocal clearly defined, whilst simultaneously having the compact power-ball essential for the style.  The overall effect is one that holds the attention of the audience as the complexities of chords and scintillating vocal enables La-Ventura to offer a sound that is both driven and luxuriant.

Undoubtedly the long period of gestation of White Crows resulted in a polished gemstone, it may seem  somewhat churlish to perceive as a negativity the professionalism of the band in creating such a well produced finished product and I wouldn’t suggest you should let my need to hear some rough edges to hinder you from getting involved either with the release, or exploring more of La-Ventura.

It will be interesting to see what 2014 brings to the table.


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