La Triaca – Tarot – Video

It has been a while since the Chilean algorithmic-rock quartet La Triaca last released new material.

La Triaca

La Triaca

From their début eponymous LP, the second of the nine tracks Tarot emerged out of the ether a few days ago. One can only hope this precedes new musical ideas.

Confabulating astro-physics and logarithmic tables to deliver complex maths rock which lays on the ears in sheers of sliding granite. Each element making perfect sense, yet each played out of synch demanding the listener connect the pieces. The reward for the audience who stay to move the parts around the turntable is an ever more complex puzzle that results in a satiation of the mind when contextualised.

I raise my hat to La Triaca who don’t attempt to make the journey easy, though not make it a theological Escher, rather an attainable solution that the audience can solve if they are prepared to travel the distance.

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