KynchinLay – dark age – EP Review

It was just under a year ago that the English alt-rock band KynchinLay last featured. They released the five track EP dark age on the 18th.

KynchinLay - dark age - artwork

KynchinLay – dark age – artwork

Opening that appropriately named EP is a barrage of percussion before leading into whirling guitars that set a sense of industrial wasteland. Suddenly I Be Hopin finds a space of light in a fleeting presence, before the dark clouds of menace descend again in a fusillade of guitar and bass.

Next is Wide Awake, which has an acoustic entrance with a half-spoken lyric of social commentary. Slowly the bass and percussion pick up the reigns, to be accompanied by keys, giving the track a sense of building intensity, before cutting out abruptly to the whispered question – Are You Wide Awake?

Back To What She Knows marks the middle of dark age and unsurprisingly my pick of the release as it opens with a pummelling bass. KynchinLay are able, in this three minutes and twenty four seconds to take the listener through a film score, with guitars that take on a glistening echoing reverb making this not only my pick of the release, but the best track I have heard by the band.

BatJazz finds dark age moving in and out of the reggae off-beat and Eastern Mysticism in a pile-drive of a number that lasts just under five and a half minutes, which should make this my pick for the EP and in the normal course of events would, but KynchinLay have put together a superb release where any of the tracks would stand as a top-notch introduction to the band.

Closing out dark age is Shudder a good old-fashioned R&B number and again Kynchinlay pack the track with compressed coiled energy that hammers its way around the room.

The only thing to do having played through the EP is to immediately play it again – well worth adding to the collection.

dark age is available on bandcamp.

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