KROG – Apokalyps – Single Review

KROG is a symphonic-synth duo from Sweden.



Their latest single, Apokalpys is a fine place to discover KROG, with the blending of electronics and symphonics.

Within the five minutes of Apokalyps the audience is taken on a mesmerising journey of dark-blue velvet invocation, which transfixes the attention. A layer of synthesised mist continually plays in the background, to which a variety of instrumentation adds billows of texture which highlight the ethereal half-chanted vocal mix. Dampened keys and bells ring through the sweeping sounds allowing KROG to infuse the material with an array of imagery in which the listener can imagine their own tale.

Word arrives of an EP being conjured up for later in the year, judging by Apokalyps, a release I am already looking forward to hearing.


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