Krishna’s Temple Rock

Krishna’s Temple Rock an alt carnatic raga band from Pondicherry in India is Krishna Kumar (Vocals / Kanjeera), Matt Littlewood (Saxophone), Aman Mahajan (Keyboard),  Viji Cheyyur (Electric Guitar), Mishko M’Ba (Bass Guitar) and Sowri Rajan (Tavil / Ghatam / Morsingh).

Krishna's Temple Rock - alt carnatic raga from India

Krishna’s Temple Rock

Combining traditional classical Southern Indian influences with Western jazz and rock, Krishna’s Temple Rock through their extended tracks are able to offer some highly inventive and surprising pieces of music. The metronomic drone more normally provided by the tambula is replaced with the keys and morsingh which gives the music a more morose frame, the injection of sax and electronic instruments provide the injection of lighter flavours.

Whilst the focus remains as with classical carnatic on compositions around the voice, the jazz and western rock influences are given room to breathe and the listener is left with music which extrapolates very distinct styles into a fusion of some considerable intrigue.

Pondicherry given the proximity of Auroville provides some of the most interesting cohesions of styles, in the Indian Subcontinent, which should come as no surprise and this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last I am sure, that I will introduce a band from the region doing something a little different to the mainstream.


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