Kramies based in Colorado in the USA is an Avant-garde solo performer Kramies Windt.

Kramies - singular music from The USA


Combining electronics and instrumental Kramies delivers a sound which washes over the ears like suds of soap. Somewhat experimental, the sounds are delivered within the edges of the envelope and traverse a path of connected points, allowing the listener to settle back and enjoy.

The fusion of synthesised sounds and acoustic guitar enables Kramies to deliver an out-put which has the listener holding on to the entrails to be buffeted in a combination of the cognizable and the futuristic. Whilst that may sound as-though it may be a self-indulgence the material offers more than self adulation as the ears are captivated by the constructs which offer familiarity and newness.

There is a reason why you read the website and it isn’t because I find the mainstream bands of tomorrow, rather ponder the musicians you may not otherwise hear. I thank you for allowing me to indulge your ears with music of the underground which adds a scintilla to the day and Kramies suit the brief like a well fitting glove. Ever to be obscure, but the world is a better place for it.


The Wooden Heart – EP – Kramies is available on iTunes

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