Kovak from Brighton in England is the electro-indie quartet of Annelies Van De Velde (Vocals), Karl Bray (Guitar / Synths / Vocals), Darren Bray (Drums / Synths) and Emily Johnson (Bass).

Kovak - electro-indie from England


Fusing the 1990’s with the 21st Century makes for a combination which demands the bass is boosted and you find a partner to smooch with as Kovak permeate the room with unctuous scented oils.

The glissade of the duality of synths slide around the room in pirouettes of flashing blades which mesmerise the focus as a mutated bass and six string slinks alongside, wrapping coils around the body and a semi- electronic percussion drives the heart to syncopate. Rising like a hawk above the scene is a hovering vocal which sharpens the claws of the quartet.

Having spent a few years building a presence and a loyal following Kovak have a well established profile which is likely to grow further with the release of  – Swing Song – which will come out on the 6th October and marks a more personal and grittier soundtrack with a gruffer rock driven sentiment, than much of their earlier material.


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