Koo Koo Kitchen – Deerhunter – Audio

The Norwegian alt-rock quartet Koo Koo Kitchen released their début eponymous LP on the 2nd.

Koo Koo Kitchen

Koo Koo Kitchen

Threading a ribbon of intrigue Koo Koo Kitchen add a gravelly undercurrent to their music which gives it a retro ’70s CBGBs gruffness that brings it all to life and finds the listener revelling in the vitality of the exuberance.

Deerhunter the penultimate of the nine tracks wrestles tightly gripped percussion and bass with boisterous guitar and effervescent vocal giving the piece some superb contrasting textures and conflicting pacing along with judicious minor chords in which the listener can happily frolic, loosing all sense of the travails of the world around.

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