Kommissar from Peterborough in England is the indie rock trio of Daniel Brashaw (Guitar / Vocals), Philip Wilson (Guitar) and Alex Lowe-Lauri (Drums).

Kommissar - indie-rock from England


Only a couple of months out of the gate Kommisar is still a band in development, having quite recently added a third member to the line-up with only a handful of songs I have been able to hear, most of which were only recorded as a duo, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tarry and get to know them even at this early stage.

There is a brooding mellifluous presence that flows across the room as the trio offer their moody take on the world around. Kommissar deliver well paced material with a solid bass-line and given that it was the bassist who was the most recent addition, a welcome contribution. The drums lay out an even temper to the tracks and the guitar, whilst harnessed adds a lightening hue to the sound.

Beginning to secure live performances locally, it will be interesting to hear how Kommissar develop over the coming year and I look forward to hearing more music from the full line-up.

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