Kolt from Skopje in Macedonia is the alt-rock quartet of Zlatko Petrovski (Vocals), Nick Velevski (Bass), Tomi Apostolov (Guitar) and Dejan Kotorcevic (Drums).

Kolt - alt-rock from Macedonia


From concept in January to full band line-up in September and a début eleven track LP – Equilibrium – in December Kolt have had an eventful first year.

The music translates this pent-up frustration as Kolt fuse British Blues with West Coast USA rock with a rumbling tempestuousness. In an intriguing format of difference with Kolt it is often the vocal that reigns the compositions as the guitar waves a wand of moon-dust, whilst the percussion is given room to lay out space to explore and the bass forces the compression. This layout works well and the quartet is able to offer semblances of the familiar with the strikingly refreshing.

Kolt is a band I look forward to hearing more of in the future and having gone through the conceptual phase with an impetus and desire to getting out that first LP it will be interesting to hear how much further they can develop both with the song-writing and transferring those thoughts to establish and develop their live stage presence. I wish them the best for 2015.

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