Kolt – Chess – Video

The Macedonian alt-rock quartet Kolt are scheduling the release of the LP Solipse for late November / early December.

Kolt - Solipse - artwork

Kolt – Solipse – artwork

Chess, the second of the ten tracks, finds Kolt in progressive rock mood with the piece easing its way around the room in muted tone. Guitar gently picks its way through the opening bars to be  accompanied by a steeped vocal, before the full line-up raises the temperature with building stacks, only to drift away to gentleness as quickly as arrived.

Listening to the just over four minute track reminds of watching smoke caught in a draft, circling rapidly before settling back to a graceful wave. Kolt are able to provide the audience with sufficient movement to retain interest, without ever forcing the issue, enabling the mind to become becalmed by the eddies and flows of Chess.

Chess is one of the more calming tracks in Solipse, an album that enables Kolt to deliver their breadth of influences and a welcome follow-up to Equilibrium, their début LP, released just under a year ago.

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